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تحتاج مساعدة؟

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  • Are you Tadbeer?
    NO. We're NOT Tad-beer BUT we can provide a similar service with a less cost and good service.
  • Detailed terms of service and other practice
    We have men workers,female maids,nanny,cleaners and cookers available for working Full time,Full part time and part time.
  • Do you have any requirements on the maid’s work conditions?
    The maid or the person you hired should have one or two days off per a month. Should treat them in nice way. Please note that the maids are also allowed to have a mobile with them at all times. They are well trained not to use it during working hours.
  • What if the worker i hire isn’t good and doesn’t work as I expected them to do?
    As much as an individual is skilled or have experience the worker personality or behaviour may simply not appeal to you. That's why we offer you free replacement with in a week.
  • Can the my worker travel with me?
    Yes, if your worker is officially hired and has consented to travel with you yes, But first you have to make sure they have the needed documentation.
  • Which areas do you serve?
    We serve customers all over the UAE.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel the deal at any time and for whatever reason. There are no cancellation charges and no notice period is required. Please note that we CAN'T refund any payments previously made.
  • Can the maids cook?
    Some of our maids can cook different cuisines. To know more about a specific maid's cooking skills, please view her video.
  • What are the advantages of hiring a maid from mymaidsuae?
    You get the maid on the same day View maids' videos and hire your favourite. We’ll bring them to you the same day or the day after to where you are. Free replacements If you don’t like the maid you selected within a week you can just contact us and we'll take the maid and replace her for you. Cancel anytime Cancel anytime for whatever reason. you will drop your maid back to accommodation. No notice period is required. No cancellation fees. Child care Most of our maids have very good experience with taking care of children. To know more about a specific maid's experience, please view her video or CV. Notice: YOU have to CLEAR all due payment to the maid of the days they have worked before cancellation.
  • How do I hire a maid from mymaidsuae?
    To hire a full-time maid simply: Search and select your maid from available maid list. Contact us to arrange time for your maid's arrival We'll bring your maid to your door step.
  • How much is the delivery fees?
    Abu Dhabi & Al Ain : 350 AED. Dubai: 150 AED Sharjah: 100 AED Ajman: 125 AED. Umm Al-Quwain: 175 AED Ras Al Khaimah: 200 AED Fujairah: 300 AED
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